Rosalia/Whitman County
Fire Protection District 7
607 S. Whitman St. • P.O. Box 291 • Rosalia, WA 99170
phone: (509) 523-3151

Rosalia/Whitman County Fire Protection District 7  Email Webmaster

Bill Tensfeld, Chief EMT, FF

Larry Trull, Asst. Chief  EMT I, FF

Matt Jacobs, Deputy Chief FF

Steve Van Dyke, Safety Officer EMT I, FF1

Shelly Beach, Training Officer  EMT I, FF1

Ron Willey, EMS Officer  EMT I, FF

Chris Brown FF

Pat Brown   FF1

Mike Koppel FF

DuWayne Billigmeir  FF

Dave Witte  EMT I, FF

Dan Beach  EMT I, FF

Rick Lau  EMT I, FF1

Keith Ludington FF

Steve Henning   EMT, FF

Tina Coe EMT, FF

Heidi Henning  EMT, FF

Dan Brown FF

Scott DeGon EMT, FF1

Jim Lautenslager  EMT I, FF

Angie Trevino  EMT, FF

John Lautenslager  EMT, FF1

Barry Tee  FF

Laura Lautenslager EMT, FF1

Chad Fanara EMT, FF1, ILS

Cory Brown FF

Matt Smith EMT, FF

D.J. Brown FF

Matt Flloyd FF

Kelley Brown FF

EMT – Emergency Medical Technician

EMT I–Emergency Medical Technician Intermediate

FF – Fire Fighter      FF1 – Fire Fighter 1  

FF2 – Fire Fighter 2

Whitman County Fire Protection District 7 Commissioners

Tom Henning

Wayne Henning

RVFA Board Members

Angie Trevino ● Larua Lautenslager ● Dave Witte

Steve Henning ● Matt Floyd


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